Marked "Censored". French Postmarked "TRESOREPOST, 13-11, 18".  Written to Mrs. Edgar Owen, Milltown, Alabama from Pvt. E. E. Owen, Co. H, 167th Inf., A.E.F. on YMCA stationary.

Nov 9, 1918

My darling Cenus,

How I do wish I could spend this beautiful Sabbath day with you at home.  I am still at the hospital but am feeling fine.  I thought I would have already been back with my outfit, but guess for some cause or other the Doctor thinks best for me to remain here. 

I am anxious to get back for I feel sure that I have some mail at the company headquarters.  I am feeling unusually good over the war situation.  The peace truces are already being negotiated with all the nations of the Central Powers but Germany and I believe this to be true, by this time tomorrow she will have accepted the terms of the Allies.  If Germany does accept the terms you can expect me home soon, for I believe some of us will be home by Christmas.  I guess you all are awaiting the action of Germany as eagerly as we are.  For I am satisfied the Daily papers are publishing the news every day. You have also noticed I am sure that we have the Hun on the run.  It will just be a matter of a month or so before they are forced to surrender.

How is everything in the States?  I guess politics has been real hot from the accounts we get in the papers.  I notice the Republicans have won out in Congress.  Well I guess its all for the best or the good Lord would not have suffered it to be so. 

How are the people getting along?  How are the schools?  Do they seem to be operating under normal conditions?

How's Momma and all the people at home?  When you get this letter you must go over to see them and tell them I am well. 

Be good darling and take care of your self.  Will close with lots of love.  Your husband, Edgar