Marked "Censored".  Addressed to Mrs. Ceuus Owen, Milltown, Alabama from Pvt. Edgar E. Owen, Co. H, 167th Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces. YMCA stationary.

Sept. 24, 1918

My darling Cenus,

It has been some time since I've had an opportunity to write. Have been having some of those experiences we used to talk about, but it is no more a thing to talk of with me but I have experienced the real thing.  However, I have made it through alright so far.  I find that the Lord can care for a person as well one place as another. I sometimes feel the effects of you and Mamma's prayers and I have not entirely forgotten how to pray myself.

I've still not hear from you since I've been in France yet. I am expecting to hear now in a day or two. Some of the boys that were transferred when I was have gotten some mail. 

I wonder my darling just what you are doing? How I do wish I could see you and I do believe I shall see you soon.  I don't see how this war can last very much longer the way things are going now.  Wouldn't it be great if I could get back home for Christmas and be with my darling girl again?  I have lots to tell you when I do get back home. 

Now don't worry for I am really feeling good, yet I don't hardly see how I do.

Darling I am going to write a little business now. When [unreadable] settles in full the mortgage, you be sure and that the checks paid were paid after not was made. For you remember he paid me some before he made the note.  I don't think he would attempt to cheat you, but if he should present the checks paid before the mortgage was made you will understand that they were not included in the mortgage.  Another thing darling be sure and pay my church dues, and also my insurance.

I guess you have already rec'd some of the allotment I made you of my salary.  Darling give all the folks my regards.  Take good care of your self and write often.  Hope you are well and that I will get a letter from you soon. With lots of love, Edgar